Obii for lending

Faster and more accurate credit decisions

Get real-time access to consumers’ bank data to make better informed credit and risk assessments. With insights into actual financial behavior, you can accept more and reduce risk while providing personalised offers and getting risk-based pricing.

How open banking improves lending

Affordability checks

Instantly verify a person’s income with secure, real-time data directly from their bank account. Onboard faster, with a fuller picture.

Reduce loan delinquency

Help borrowers increase their repayment capacity by giving them engaging tools that help them set and track budgets.

Optimise the entire loan process

Offer customers a smooth digital flow to replace slow, manual underwriting processes based on paper applications.

Employment checks

Instantly verify a person’s employer with secure, real-time data directly from their bank account.

Power credit and risk models

Improve the assessment process using clean and standardised transaction data to better inform risk models.

Faster decisions

Generate pre-approvals faster powered by verified data and improved risk models.

Use Case for Lenders

Challenge: a cumbersome process

Relying on user input, documents, affordability checks takes time, comes at a cost, and provides a limited (and sometimes outdated) picture of creditworthiness. If you are looking for smoother and faster way to assess applicants’ income and creditworthiness.

Solution: seamless data flow

Using the Obii platform, loan applicants can easily connect their bank account to provide an instant and thorough assessment in just a few taps of a screen.

Lenders can now make underwriting decisions in less time – when it used to take Them hours, days even weeks.

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