Obii for payments

Faster and more efficient payment

Obii brings together everything you need to create low-cost, high-performing payment journeys with open banking.

Payments timing is everything, Obii designed to help you capture and retain more revenue

How open banking improves payments

Boost payment acceptance

Failed payments cost money and customer relationships. Knowing funds available and requesting payments at the right time boost payment acceptance and customer happiness.

Optimise your revenue

Minimise costs and operational overhead by offering direct bank payments with fewer intermediaries, lower rates, and reduced fraud.

Improve conversion

Build a fully embedded flow from onboarding to checkout, letting customers authenticate and pay in a few clicks without leaving your service.

Integrate and scale easily

One API, a fully integrated suite of payment products. Use our libraries and SDKs to test and launch fast.

Use case for Payments

Challenge: it's a guessing game

The traditional payments landscape is complete guess game for successful payments. Guess wrong and you pay the bill and impair customer relations.

Solution: seamless data flow

Using the Obii platform, changes the payment relationship to knowing a payment will be successful and your payment position. Endless and recurring arrears chasing are a thing of the past.

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